Joanne Blackburn

Senior Consultant

Extract: Joanne is an experienced government lawyer, senior executive leader and manager, and a highly innovative strategic policy thinker with over 20 years experience as a Senior Executive Officer in the Australian Public Service. She has provided individual executive coaching services to both the Senior Executive Service and Executive Levels of the Australian Public Service since 2009. She has been an observer on the APSC CDAC programs since 2007, which has provided additional excellent training in the ability to observe behaviour and its impact and provide constructive effective feedback.

Joanne’s experience in delivering effective group coaching comes from two sources. Her recent work with the APSC Talent Development Program SES Band 2 pilot; and her role as a leader in a large Division in the Attorney-General’s Department which required the ability to coach groups of staff, stakeholders and international partners to come to solutions to policy and program delivery problems.

Her qualifications in law, public administration and executive coaching strategically positions Joanne as an outstanding executive coach for senior public servants. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Law from ANU; a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration with ANU; and a Certificate IV in Government Investigations. She is an accredited Executive Coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching in Sydney.

Joanne is a Senior Consultant with the Centre for Leadership Excellence and a Principal Reviewer with CPM Reviews.

Board Membership

  • Director, Maritime Industries Finance Company, 1998-2001, established to pay redundancy payments to waterfront workers following the 1998 industrial relations reforms on the waterfront.
  • Director, Stevedoring Industry Finance Commission, 1998-1999, established to manage the determination of liability and payment of compensation to stevedores suffering asbestos related diseases.
  • Member, Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme, 1998-1999.

Committees and Working Groups

  • Led the Australian Delegation to the APEC Transportation Working Group, 1998-2001.
  • Led the Australian Delegation negotiating archipelagic sea lanes arrangements with Indonesia under the United nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (in bilateral and trilateral negotiations with Indonesia and the United States and at the International Maritime Organisation), 1998-2000.
  • Led the Australian Delegation to the OECD Financial Action Taskforce (negotiating anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing rules), the OECD Foreign Bribery Working Group, and national delegations negotiating bilateral extradition, mutual legal assistance and international prisoner transfer treaty arrangements with China, Cambodia, and Hong Kong, 2001-2007.
  • Chair, Firearms Policy Working Group, a Commonwealth/State/Territory Working Group reporting to the Ministerial Council on Police and Emergency Services to develop harmonised national firearms regulations, 2002-2006.
  • Chair, National Precursor Chemical Diversion Working Group, a Commonwealth/State/Territory/Business Working Group established to develop uniform approaches to protecting legitimate chemicals from diversion into illicit drug manufacture, 2004-2006.