The Leadership Masterclass provided me with an intellectually engaging forum that has enabled me to release past barriers and to action a plan towards utilising a higher level of leadership knowledge and skills. Content of the program included significant new research from recent and current PhD thesis work, extensive practical application by the presenters, and knowledge and experience from the participants. The quality of delivery and content has provided valuable outcomes that met and at times exceeded my expectations of the program – University Director

Thank you for the excellent learning program – I am really feeling the subtle changes in my attitude and approach to work – Senior Executive

I wanted to say a big thank you for your involvement in the organisation and development of the Leadership Program. I found it to be very invigorating and thought provoking…still thinking about career pathways for myself – Business Manager

I thought I’d share the success I had today in arguing for an additional staff member. I hardly had to argue the case at all – so clearly was I on the right track and simply had to verbalise the need. Even better – the plan is to start the recruitment process immediately. I am more confident and clear in my communication as a result of working with you – Program Manager

I have learnt more in the last 6 months working with you as my Executive Coach than I have in my previous 18 years in the workforce – Senior Executive

I appreciate all the work that Deb has put into this project with us. She has been absolutely fabulous to work with and so brilliant at facilitating such a disparate group discussing a very broad topic so her skill and enthusiasm for the subject have been refreshing and incredibly helpful – Director