People make a difference to an organisation’s success.

By learning to lead themselves and others, people grow and organisations mature.

We focus on people and their development needs in all dimensions. This includes emotional mastery; multiple intelligence skills and attributes; health and wellbeing; social competencies; and spiritual nourishment. We are specialists in facilitation and relationship management incorporating diagnostic psychometric assessment and feedback, improved communication skills, strategic navigation of collaborative ‘think-tank’ conversations, and enhanced teamwork.

Building capability in people builds the capability of organisations. We have been providing leadership, management, business and education consultancy services to the public sector, private sector, tertiary institutions and community organisations for over 30 years and offer consultancy services and personal and professional development programs that meet many of the new challenges facing the intergenerational workforce of today.

For the first time in history, we now have 6 different generations in the workforce – matures, baby boomers, generation Jones, generation X, generation Y, and millennials.  Our research has shown that the core values of each generation differ and that a values-based approach is the key to successfully managing the blended workforce of the future.

Our methodology lies in situated learning and development. This means that we focus on what people need to know and be able to do in-situ, most often in their workplace with their real issues as the subject of learning. We then draw in relevant types of learning as appropriate, creating a powerful, integrated approach to development that complements other training experiences. This approach customises the learning package.

We work in partnership with our clients to transition learning into the work situation. We do this through individual and group coaching; delivering short seminars on broader topics that provide context to their work; and utilising a range of collaborative learning practices. Our qualifications in workplace learning and leadership development for the knowledge era uniquely positions us to assist organisations with their change management and strategic management agenda. We are adept at systems thinking and challenging mental models that no longer serve an organisation’s purpose.

The alignment of personal values with organisational values is a specialty service we offer. This includes teaching leaders how to hold values-centred conversations so that the business outcomes become synchronous with the goals and motivation of the people who work there. A values driven organisation has leadership that stewards the efforts of its people towards a mutually successful future.

We provide executive coaching and mentoring services to managers and business leaders supported by Knowledge Guides, professional readings and the latest research. This form of professional development is the new GPS of its time for navigating the future of organisations and the effort of the people who work there. Combined with our expertise in values centred stewardship, we are well placed to assist the leaders of today and the learning leaders of tomorrow in developing a compelling future for their organisations.

Our vision is to model excellence in leadership, learning and life.

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